Two Simple Entry Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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A home’s entry area is generally the first area I tackle with clients because setting it up properly will make a major difference in your everyday life.

Generally, when things get strewn all over the entry area, it’s because they don’t have a clear or intuitive place to go. See below for the two most effective hacks I know for keeping entry clutter under control.

Hack One: The Inbox

Almost every client I’ve worked with has complained about those dreaded paper piles cluttering up their entry, and other household surfaces like the kitchen counter. Luckily, this is one of the simplest problems to solve! Make it easy on yourself by setting up one storage vessel to contain all mail, bills, and other active to-do items, so they don’t clutter up your home or get misplaced or lost. A wall-mounted pocket or large pretty basket stowed on your entry table will work wonders. Now all you have to do is practice reviewing it once a week so you can keep the paper clutter to a minimum.

Keep your entry organized and fashionably put together with these two tricks.

Hack Two: The Outbox

When I’m helping clients edit and organize their belongings, inevitably we will stumble upon things that don’t have a clear home – a library book that needs to be returned, a birthday present for a party next week, clothing that needs to be given back to a friend, food storage containers that need to go back to your sister, etc. I suggest setting up a large bin, or basket, to corral these transitional items, and storing it in a convenient location near your entry closet or front door. A sturdy tote will do the trick and can be easily tossed into your trunk when you are on the go. I call it the “Outbox” since it contains items that need to go out of your home. It will make a world of difference not to have all of those random items floating around your house!

Have you tried these simple solutions or something else that has made a big difference in maintaining a streamlined entry? I’d love to know what tricks you’ve got up your sleeve!

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