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Two Steps to Organize Anything

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Years ago my husband bought a new camera.

It came with cords and a battery pack and all sorts of annoying accessories. They ended up strewn all over our house and here’s why: They did not have a designated place to go. Once I figured this out, the solution was simple. I designated a basket as the “camera stuff” basket. I put in in a convenient place and used it to corral the camera and all of the accessories. Now everything has an easy and intuitive home and I don’t have to stare at a sea of cords on the kitchen counter when I come home.

You can easily apply these two steps to organize anything in any area of your home.

You can apply this same strategy to organizing anything:

Step One: Strip Away the Clutter

Organized clutter is still clutter, so the first step in any organizing mission is always to eliminate the unnecessary. When we set up the camera basket for example, we made sure to donate cords we didn’t need and recycle excess packaging before we set up our bin.

Step Two: Create a Designated “Home” and Use It

This step is as simple as assigning whatever you’re organizing a specific “home” and consistently using it. Organization is just the practice of setting up each item you own in a systematic way. And a “system” can be as simple as placing something in a bin or basket. Boom.

Organization is the practice of setting up each item you own in a systematic way. And a "system" can be as simple as placing something in a bin or basket.

Your turn: Identify something in your home that needs a simple solution. Is there something that tends to get lost or pile up around the house that drives you crazy? Try stripping away the excess clutter and then setting up a simple system to solve the problem.

Maybe your daughter leaves her homework all over the house. Set up a “homework station” for her – a bin, basket, or tray stocked with basic supplies will do the trick.

Maybe you never know where to find your car keys or garage opener. A small hook by the door or a little dish will create a home you can depend on.

Maybe you don’t know what to do with your architectural plans for your home renovation. A folder, a binder, or even a designated drawer can serve as a “home” and instantly create a sense of order and organization.

What simple hacks have you used to keep your belongings organized? I’d love to know!

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5 comments on “Two Steps to Organize Anything

  1. My husband and I had grand schemes for an elaborate clothes hanging system over our washer and dryer. You looked me in the eye and said, “Why don’t you just put up a few hooks?” We installed those lovely Ikea hooks that fold up and can hold multiple hangers. They are great for hanging up shirts on hangers or towels to dry. Problem solved!

  2. I just had a Hanukah party for the extended family, and thanks to your skills in weeding out and reorganizing my kitchen, the caterer was able to come in, size up, prepare, serve dinner effortlessly, and clean and put away platters and serving pieces so that I could still find everything afterward. I will admit that I did group the components of traditional dishes in advance for him (although now the caterer is an expert on how to serve latkes and kugel). We always end with a chocolate fountain, and even that was organized and less of a mess than usual because I used your methods! Thanks, Shira! I would be lost without you!

  3. this muct be finger presser and reach the hard to reach spots with the pointy side gadget!!! i follow you by email and with bloglovin

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