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It is hard to ask for help.  Now that I have two young children and a business of my own, I have been forced to get over myself and ask the people around me for help and support whenever possible.

I have learned that people actually like sharing their talents and skills and being helpful! Here three ideas you can try out to make your life easier while helping out others at the same time. A double win!

1. Babysitting swap: Know someone else with kids who is in desperate need of a break? Offer a monthly babysitting swap. You’ll be helping a friend and also gaining a date night or well deserved break for yourself!

2. Trade your skills: Everyone has something they are good at whether it’s being a fix-it person or an incredible chef. I have traded my organizational services for everything under the sun including personal training, business coaching, yoga classes and marketing expertise.

3. Meal Train: When I had my two daughters, friends and family were kind enough to organize a meal drop-off system for my husband and I. It was such a relief to know that we didn’t have to shop or prepare dinner when we were so busy with the little ones. This got me thinking how great it would be to do on a regular basis. Partner up with a few local friends and take turns dropping off dinner for each other.

How will you use your resources to simplify your life this year? Share, please!

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