What Minimalism Is and Isn’t

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I have built my business (and entire life) around the concept of doing, and having, less, but better. My philosophy has been informed and inspired by the minimalist movement and ethos, however, as a busy working mom who happens to love pretty things, I have customized a minimalist philosophy that works for my real life.

Minimalism often gets a bad rap, so I’d like to break down my personal definition of what minimalism is and isn’t.

Here’s What a Minimalist Lifestyle ISN’T

  • Living in a Stark White Box
  • Only for Affluent Single Men
  • Scarcity
  • Deprivation
  • Restriction
  • Lack
  • Being Forced to Part with Things You Care About or Value
  • Judging Other People’s Lifestyles
  • The minimalist movement was actually born out of a desire to simplify and improve our lives by clearing the clutter that’s in the way. It’s not about creating lack or scarcity or robbing us of the things we actually care about. What would be the upside to that?

    O.K. So, I’ve clarified what minimalism isn’t, so now let’s get into what it’s actually is all about. My definition coming right up…

    Here’s What a Minimalist Lifestyle IS

    • Living intentionally and embracing what’s truly important to you
    • Identifying what’s essential to you and stripping away the excess
    • Clarity of purpose
    • Honing in on what you truly care about and eliminating the rest
    • Identifying the perfect amount for YOU
    • Reassessing your values and purpose, and priorities.

    Minimalism can help improve every aspect of your life by freeing you from the clutter, distraction, and noise that stand in the way of living out your true purpose and values.

    Interested in seeing how minimalism can improve your life? Start with this simple exercise:

    Make a list of your core values and priorities – the things you care about most and want to invest more time and energy in. My list includes my family, friends, community, creativity, travel, and contribution. What’s on yours?

    Next, make a list of all of the things that are creating physical or mental clutter and might be standing in the way.  Once you clarify what you want, and what you don’t want, you’ll be ready to dive in. A minimalist lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, but just by starting with a little more awareness and intention, you’ll be on the path to creating and cultivating a life that better aligns with your values.

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