When Things Feel Beyond Our Control

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It’s an intense time in the world – many of us have been forced to cancel plans, work from home, and be flexible with upcoming events and social outings. It feels disorienting.

I’ve always been a fairly sensitive person, but I have found a few simple things that consistently help me reset when things feel overwhelming or out of control.

When Things Feel Beyond Our Control by Shira Gill Home

Here they are, in no particular order:

Take a Break From the News

We all need to stay informed, but being hooked into news updates and social media banter 24/7 can be overstimulating and anxiety provoking to say the least. Decide when, and how often, you want to check in, and then give yourself a break.

Connect with Others

Depending on where you are in the world, you may be affected by the call for social distancing, or other measures intended to keep your community safe. Maybe you’re avoiding travel, events, or public transportation right now. Instead of becoming increasingly isolated, this is an opportune time to reach out to friends and family, and spend some quality time with the people you love most, whether in person or virtually.

Get Back to Simple Pleasures

As someone who is known for never slowing down, I’m taking this time as an opportunity to practice doing just that. For example, I just baked blondies with my girls and we topped them with vanilla bean ice cream and sea salt. It was epic. I’m also integrating simple activities like stretching when I wake up, putting lemon in my water, and making a concerted effort to be more present and mindful in my day to day comings and goings. Consider the creative things you enjoy doing that help you feel more present.

When Things Feel Beyond Our Control by Shira Gill Home

Move Your Body

It’s widely known that exercise can help decrease stress and instantly boost your mood. You can get those endorphins going by taking a brisk walk, heading out for a run or bike ride, or even just having a dance party in your living room.

Focus on the Things You Can Control

There is so much that we simply can’t control in the world, but there are plenty of things we do have control over – how we show up in the world and treat other people, the foods we choose to put in our body, how we spend our free time, to name a few. Even a simple gratitude practice can feel restorative when things feel out of whack. Put energy into the little decisions that you make every day that can help you regain a sense of control.

Get Organized

When I found out my kids would be off school for at least the next four weeks (send help!) I immediately got to work creating a daily calendar to help give our days structure and help keep us all sane. The schedule includes a mix of art activities, reading, baking, educational tech, movies. I also included simple pleasures like hot cocoa breaks and nature walks. Consider how you can give your own days and nights an organized structure. If you’re working from home, consider when you can get some focused time, and when you are the sharpest. I work best in the early morning and start to fade as the day goes on, so I schedule my focused project time early on and hikes, cooking, and movies later in the day.

Think Outside the Box

If ever there were a time to be flexible and creative, it’s now. Entrepreneurs are busy brainstorming how they can pivot, offer services or products online, and carry on despite the challenging times. Parents are sorting out how to occupy their kids and still get work done and stay sane. I’m also thinking about how to make the most of this period and stay productive and creative. If you’re worried about getting stir crazy like me, here are a few ideas:

Make Your Environment Feel Good

I’ve built my entire life and career out of my belief that your environment deeply affects your overall wellbeing. Especially, if you’re working from home, now is the time to put some effort and intention into making your space feel like a sanctuary. A little goes a long way here. Clear a surface. Pop a flower in a bud vase. Make your bed. Clear out your junk drawer or inbox. Light a nice smelling candle.

The little things will make a big difference. Whatever it is, make sure you are spending a little time to take care of yourself today, and every day.

Hang in there, Friends!

Xx Shira

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