The workspace makeover program

Ready to overhaul your workspace, but don’t know where to start? This is where you start.

Workspace Makeover Program

Today is the day you take the first step towards telling your workspace who’s boss. Here’s the thing…the clutter isn’t going to leave on its own, and saying that you’re going to deal with it tomorrow only makes you feel worse.

Imagine walking into a stylish and streamlined space, where you can locate the files or supplies you needed instantly. What if every item you owned served a purpose, and had a clearly designated home? Bliss.

An organized workspace doesn’t just look better, it actually helps you be more productive, efficient, and creative.

Wake up tomorrow knowing that you took your first big step today.

Program Overview:

My Virtual Work Space Makeover Program is designed to help you quickly overhaul your space, reduce your stress, and boost your productivity, all on your own schedule and timeframe.

And, no sweat if you don’t have a traditional office space – closets, guest rooms, attics, dining rooms… if you work in a space, this program will help you get it in shape.

The workspace makeover program includes the following:

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Four Digital Workbooks & Cheat Sheets

Each lesson includes a detailed workbook and cheat sheet designed to help you clear your desk, wrangle your paper piles, organize your supplies, and style your space like a pro. You can print them out or complete them online!

Workspace Makeover Video Lessons
Exclusive Program Videos

Recorded videos include lesson demos, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of my own workspace, and Q & A with others who have taken the program and special guest interior designer, Carly Waters. Don’t worry – you'll have unlimited access so you can watch on your own schedule.

Workspace Makeover Resources
Resources & Bonuses

Skip the research – I’ve done it for you! I’m sharing all of my favorite curated workspace products, resources, and inspiration, as well as instant access to The Workspace Makeover Book Club, The Styling Guide for Video Calls, and my Printable Organizing Labels and Shopping List Organizer..

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Shira helped me transform my office into a space I still marvel at when I enter. I actually open drawers for fun now!

— Anna F

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Why work with Shira

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Shira Gill Home merges principles of minimalism with life coaching, home organization, and interior styling.

Workspace Makeover Takeaways

These takeaways will change your life:

Get ready, because as soon as you join, you’ll get instant access to my Daily and Weekly Planning Printables, my Organizing Labels, and a bunch of other amazing bonus content that you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Transform how your space looks, feels, and functions – hello, clear desk and photo-worthy drawers.
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm and feel empowered to do your best work.
  • Show Up as a more present, focused, and confident version of yourself.
  • Learn simple system for dealing with paper so you can banish the piles for good and find what you need within seconds.
  • Treat Yourself to a thoughtfully laid out space that’s designed to support your current #lifegoals.
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This program is about way more than creating a streamlined and stylish work space – It’s about taking action in your life, committing to your own self-care, and changing your habits and the way you think about yourself and your space.

You’re going to be shocked at how much lighter you feel and how much energy you free up for the things you care about most…

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by clutter or disorganization in any area of your life, this program is for you.

Take a Peek Inside!

Sneak peek inside the workspace makeover program
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Working with Shira gave me the confidence to organize and continue to purge on my own. I feel so much lighter and so much happier! What a gift to have this jump start to a life with less clutter!

— Jalyn T

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Shira helped me break through the noise and start focusing on what really matters. I was bogged down by clutter, chores, errands... I could barely keep up. It was an act of self care to treat myself to Shira's programs, and it's one of the best decisions I've made to date!

— Lauren S

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