Your Clutter-Free Gift Guide

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The 2016 clutter-free gift guide is here! The holiday season is approaching and I wanted to provide a roundup of my favorite clutter-free gifting ideas. Most people have more than enough stuff, so instead of splurging on the usual suspects, try these creative and more sustainable alternatives.

For The Foodie

A Stylish and Sustainable Pantry Makeover: The Bliss Haus Baking Kit includes a collection of assorted airtight jars, labels that don’t wash off, a set of beautiful recipe cards, pantry scoops, and a shopping list. I swear by this kit and use it in my own home. The airtight jars keep your goodies fresh for months and enable you to shop from bulk bins and ditch the bulky packaging.

Gourmet Goodies: Consumables are completely clutter-free once they are gobbled up! Cheese or wine subscription, fair trade coffee and chocolate or some nice balsamic and olive oils make beautiful gifts. These chocolate bars make a beautiful gift and would delight any chocolate lover, and I am always hoping someone buys me a cheese club membership from Cowgirl Creamery.

A Cooking Class: Most major cities have cooking schools which offer classes and workshops to non-professionals. Try buying a gift certificate or a specific class and accompany the gift card with a nice linen apron or a wooden spoon. 

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For the Mamas

A Speciality Service: Treat your favorite hard working mama to a service they wouldn’t normally splurge on. Who wouldn’t want a few hours with a professional organizer, a wardrobe stylist or a personal trainer?

Meals Made Easy: A gift card for a meal delivery service or a restaurant make thoughtful gifts, and it’s always great to have a get out-of-cooking-dinner pass.

Movie Night: One of the best gifts I ever received was when a dear friend offered to babysit so I could go see a movie with my husband when our girls were little. You could also treat a friend to a movie night in with a classic rental, popcorn, and treat bags.

Yoga or Workout Package: Last year my husband bought me a gift of yoga classes from Core Power Yoga. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to start working out regularly and remains one of my favorite gifts!

The Five Minute Journal: One of my favorite things and favorite gifts, The Five Minute Journal offers a simple (and efficient) formula to be more intentional each day, practice gratitude and create new habits. A perfect gift to start the new year off right!

styled bed with Aesop and Kinfolk

For the Little Ones

A Custom Cooking Kit: My girls love cooking so I had the idea of getting each girl a cookbook with ingredients for a recipe we can make together. The cooking kit could be bundled together in a pretty tablecloth, or muslin cloth, tied with ribbon or twine.

Custom Plates: My girls were delighted last year with these custom plates with their name and likeness. The cutest! The same company is also making customized bowls, placemats and notecards.

Artkive Books: Not sure what to do with the piles of art your kiddos bring home each day. Use the Artkive app to archive and store it digitally and create a keepsake book for each kid. Cut the clutter and keep the art alive!

What’s on your wish list this year? Please share any clutter-free gift ideas in the comments below!

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